Phone Unlocks To Use Any Network & In Any Country, permanently.

We personally recommend DoctorSim for getting your phone unlocked, they are fast, reliable and come with a money back guarantee. Select make, and then press "unlock your phone".

So why are you recommending DoctorSim?

We'll we've been in phone industry for years and everytime we need a phone unlocked, we use DoctorSim, so if you need your phone unlocked, just click the "unlock your phone" button above.

DoctorSim Reviews?

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do, people want a fast, hassle free, reliable, permanent phone unlock with great service, well that's them.


“Being a local phone repair shop, we get a lot of customers who walk in needing a phone unlocked. Like most phone repair shops we simply don't have the facilities to unlock phones. So we use DoctorSim as our main supplier. We buy several phone unlocks each day and never have any issues, they are always friendly, while there are cheaper services, we found them to be very unreliable and confusing. Some couldn't unlock our phone and would give a partial refund or no refund, as least with Doctor Sim if the device can't be unlocked we get 100% of our money back. We now have a great relationship with them and I highly recommend them”
James McCrumlish, Manager at Swift iPhone Repair


"I bought a used iPhone online and didn't know the history of it. So I found this site and bought an AT&T iPhone unlock, the next day they informed me it could not be unlocked as it had been reported, stolen by the previous owner. I had no idea, and I was so angry, but at least gave me a full refund immediately. I read online lots of companies won't and actually keep the money, I guess I got lucky finding these guys."
Justina Milton, USA


"The site said 1-3 days to unlock, so I emailed asking could they speed it up as I was going on holiday to Mexico the next day, they said they couldn't promise anything but they would try their best. I woke up the next day and seen an email on my phone saying the unlock was complete. Absolute life savers!"
Matthias Engrazo, United Kingdom

How To Unlock My Phone Or iPhone?

For all you geeks out there who like to know the whole process, we'll take the time to explain how a phone unlock works here.

First of all the type of phone unlock I'll be explaining a network / carrier unlock phone your phone, not if you have accidently locked your self out of your phone, because you forgot PIN, you silly goose!

Now phone unlocking is a very technical process with different conditions and unlock methods for most variations of phone make, model, and network.

For example a ZTE unlock can be done a lot quick and easier than to say unlock an iPhone from AT&T with unpaid bills attached.

Now I'm obviously not going to cover all the zillions variations and put you to sleep, but the main reasons why you would unlock your phone and the different methods.


What's the difference between factory unlocks vs network unlocks?

The difference in these for the end user is very slight, both will unlock your phone to be used with other networks and other countries.

However factory unlocks are able to unlock all of these phones globally as the unlock code is generated and the manufacturer level.

So for example, if anyone needs an LG unlock, it doesn't matter what network they are on what country they are, provided they are a GSM device, which I will explain shortly.

Now network unlocks are basically the same, but the unlock code is generated from the carrier you are currently locked to.

These come with all sorts of conditions, some models are compatible, some aren't, some require the device to be "clean and out of contract" etc, some don't.

The best way to find out, is to simply go through the order form above, and they will tell you all the information you need to know about your particular device,

An example of a network unlock would be all iPhone unlocks, as Apple do not provide unlocks, but these come from the network.

The most common we see being AT&T iPhone unlocks, the unlock is generated from AT&T servers, and if the device as unpaid bills attached it will get rejected by the network servers, and you will have to resubmit it with the premium version of the unlock, which is usually more expensive.


What is the "device unlock app" for T-Mobile and MetroPCS?

Now we get this question a lot, but basically not all phone unlocks require a code to unlock them, but require you use a "device unlock app" which is a little bit more fiddly for the customer.

This is very common for Samsungs made after 2015 locked to T-Mobile or MetroPCS, and also some LG's, some ZTE's and a few other types of phone.

Thankfully if it make be an issue your particular phone unlock, Doctor Sim will let you know before you buy.

Other phone unlocking sites don't even do this, they take the customers money and then when the unlock couldn't be complete they blame the customer and don't provide a refund, totally scandlous!

At least with Doctor Sim, if it may be an issue you are given a warning before hand. All you need to do is, check if your phone asks for an unlock code when you put a new sim in, if it doesn't ask for a code, then it uses the device unlock app. This applies to all phones, apart from iPhone unlocks, as iPhones don't use a code to unlock them.


Why do iPhone's not need a code to unlock them?

This is because they are unlocked for you at the server level.

Completing these unlocks can take 1-10 days depending how busy the servers are with unlocks, at that time and the network you are locked to.

Once the unlock is completed, you receive an email from DoctorSim that very second to let you know with instructions on how to actiuavet he unlock.

In most cases all you need to do at this point is put the new sim in to the iPhone, connect to WiFi or mobile data, and hey presto, it's unlocked!

However they also give you back up instructions on how to activate your iPhone unlock, which includes connecting to iTunes via usb cable to your computer, but you usually don't have to.


How to unlock a blacklisted phone?

While we don't recommend this, as often it doesn't work and is sometimes not covered by the money back guarantee it can in some cases be done.

Now your phone may be blacklisted for a variety of reasons, one being the previous owner reported it as "lost, stolen or as an insurance claim".

No we certainly don't agree or want any part of people dealing in dodgy phones. Most cases of this that we see are just the average person who has bought a second hand phone online, and didn't know the phone history.

I would first recommend getting your money back and reporting the person who sold it you.

However if you still want to unlock you, you can try with Doctor Sim on the form above, some will be able to be unlocked and some wont.

Please read what is covered by their money back guarantee first though.



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